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April bullet journal set up

hey! it’s about that time, so I thought I’d share my bullet journal set up for the month. I picked a bright color scheme and a bubbly design/theme. I really like to keep color incorporated in my bullet journal, but I didn’t feel like spending a ton of time with complicated doodles, so it’s literally just a bunch of bubbles.

I started off the month with my classic title page and quote, both of which I used to experiment with my design and colors.

I’ve been sticking with a pretty basic calendar design for my monthly spread. I like having a little space for each day and being able to see the days of the week ordered and all that. I stuck with my color scheme and filled up my awkward sidebar space with more little bubbles.

Every month I doubt that I’m going to actually use the brain dump page I make, and then at the end of every month the whole page is crammed with random notes and lists and scribbles commanding myself to get cat food or something. Long story short, I stuck with my brain dump page, as well as my finance tracker so I can always be aware of how broke I am. I used the same colors and little doodles. Also, I totally crunched the page up, so that’s fine. I’ve just decided to pretend it’s fine.

Next up is my mood and habit trackers. I’ve been sticking with a pretty simple circular mood tracker. I made myself some templates for it and even though they’re kind of sloppy, it works. I also went back to a horizontal habit tracker layout. Last month I tried out the individual habit trackers, but I prefer being able to see the “status” of a day after I fill out all the habits, so I’m back to the horizontal.

Last up is the weeklies. I’ve been messing around with a new design that gives me a weekly overview bar while keeping around half a page open for each day of the week. I like having a little more space to fill up during the semester so I can keep track of school stuff as well as personal tasks. It also leaves a bonus half-page at the end of the week that I fill up with a cute quote. The layout is pretty naked looking right now, but it’ll be filled up way too soon, I’m sure.

Anyways, there’s my monthly set up! I hope it inspired someone!

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