three marker challenge

What’s up lads!

Today I’m sharing the results of my three marker challenge! I actually have a video of the actual illustration process for this on my YouTube channel, going live April 8.

This challenge is pretty straight forward–it’s all in the name, really. You randomly pick three markers, then you gotta draw something using only those three markers. Most artists also use a fineliner, a white gel pen, and a colorless blender, which I also used. I ended up with two blue colors and a tannish/brown, and being the basic person I am, used them to draw a mermaid.

Here’s what I came up with!

After picking my colors, I sketched out some thumbnails mostly inspired by the colors. I find that to be the easiest way to go about these challenges: let the colors themselves be the inspiration for the piece, so you don’t end up having to force the colors to work with something they maybe don’t want to, if that makes sense. The good news was my markers ended up having pretty different values, so it was easy to create contrast with them and keep the piece from looking like a big blob.

Close up!


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