What’s up lads!

Today’s post is just kind of a big rant.

I’ve recently let myself realize just how much I care about my art and how much of me and who I am is rooted in my passion for art. This came about from a long period of me basically burning myself out with so many commitments and figuring out that what kept me sane were the days I could just sit at my desk and paint or mess around in my sketchbook. Anyways, I reordered my priorities and I’ve been trying to shift my educational plan around to reflect that priority. It’s been really difficult though, and the dream school I want to make it to is pretty far out of reach due to finances. Now I’m kind of just sitting here, not sure where to go or what to do. I know I could chase my art passion without any kind of school, but I’ve always loved the environment of learning areas. Being with people with the same passion as me and being in a place where I can be challenged by something I love instead of just going through the motions in my traditional school path right now. I’ve been looking for other options, but now that I’ve found a goal that’s like, exactly what I want, it seems like everything else is just settling or not as good I guess. I realize a lot of life is just that, taking what you can get because it’s not always possible to achieve the perfect goal, but it’s still just kind of sucky.

Anyways, that’s my brief life rant. It kinda sucks to have a dream be out of reach because of something that’s pretty much out of your control.

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